Our Mission

We empower people to transform adversity into opportunity.  We do this by creating partnerships with and supporting organizations committed to positively impacting lives in the areas of health, education, arts and sports. 

Our Story

Jane Seymour, co-founder of the Open Hearts Foundation has always been inspired by her mother’s advice – that love has no boundaries and flows unconditionally. That advice stemmed from Jane’s mother’s experience as a survivor of a Japanese concentration camp in World War II. She survived three and a half horrific years by caring for fellow prisoners who were far worse off than she was. Focusing her energy on serving others under the most difficult circumstances was the only way she survived.
Jane was greatly impacted by her mother’s story. When confronted with her own personal challenges – divorce, single motherhood, the threat of losing her home, and being near broke – Jane spent some of the last money she had on a charity auction for an artist to draw her children. At her home, the artist saw some of Jane’s paintings, and offered her free art lessons. It was then that she discovered her love and unique talent for art, which led to a series of positive influences in her life, including a new career, new passions, and the inspiration for the Open Hearts Foundation.
Every time Jane painted a heart, it was open, and when there were two or more, they were always connected.  This iconic image symbolizes the Open Hearts Foundation, and was the beginning of her quest inspire and empower people to turn their personal adversity into an opportunity to help others, just like Jane’s mother. 

Celebrating Open Hearts

Congratulations to the Angels of God Clothing Closet, the winner of the Celebrating Open Hearts Contest!


A survivor of domestic violence, Katelyn Darrow started the Angels of God Clothing Closet at the age of 12 to provide clothing, food and other necessities free of charge to those in need. In just over six years, this incredible organization has provided services to more than 26,000 families in the New Jersey area. Congratulations to Katelyn and everyone at the Angels of God Clothing Closet.

We also want to congratulate our other amazing finalists – Butterfly Dreams, Hugz from Bugz and The Joseph Maley Foundation – and thank everyone who participated in the nomination and voting campaigns.